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Why You Should Choose Us.

At Remembrance Keepsakes, we prioritize exceptional service and high-quality products to honor your clients' loved ones. Count on us for superior quality products and a fast turnaround time, enabling you to provide the best service during this difficult time.

At Remembrance Keepsakes, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of quality service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We excel in meeting tight deadlines that surpass the capabilities of other printing companies. Our special shipping contracts allow us to offer affordable overnight shipping options, ensuring your orders arrive promptly. For assistance with time-sensitive orders, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Rush charges may apply.

We have a wide variety of products that we offer from paper-based keepsakes like Programs, Booklets, Prayer Cards, Fans, and Bookmarks, to timeless keepsakes like Blankets, Pillows, and Glass Plaques, and business essentials like Professional and Executive Business Cards, Carbonless Multi-part Contract Forms, and more!

We understand the importance of setting yourself apart from your competitors. That's why we offer customizable business printing solutions to help you create a unique brand identity. Our team is dedicated to providing superior quality and personalized service, helping you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative designs that truly stand out from the rest. We understand the importance of capturing the unique needs and personal tastes of your clients. Our team of talented designers is dedicated to creating custom designs that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

We maintain a team of professional editors who meticulously review every detail to ensure accuracy and maintain rigorous quality control. With their expertise, we guarantee that everything is correct, allowing you to have complete confidence in the final product.

At Remembrance Keepsakes, we are dedicated to offering competitive pricing for all your funeral home needs without compromising on quality. With us, you can trust that you'll get high-quality products at affordable prices, providing excellent value for your funeral home.

We take pride in personalization. That's why all our products are thoughtfully branded with your funeral home's information. We understand the significance of showcasing your brand and providing a meaningful connection to your clients.

We prioritize a seamless experience for your clients, enabling them to connect directly with your funeral home without intermediaries. This direct communication channel empowers families to easily request reorders, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

At Remembrance Keepsakes, we understand the importance of meeting your deadlines. That's why we prioritize your timeline above all else. Our fast turnaround and shipping processes are specifically tailored to revolve around YOUR deadline. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality products promptly, ensuring that you have what you need when you need it most.

Program Packages

When it comes to convenience and affordability, our Program Packages reign supreme as the top choice among our customers. Our packages include:

1 Custom Registry Book

150 Programs

50 Acknowledgement Cards

*At least 150 of any type of Program must be ordered with 1 Registry Book and 50 Acknowledgement Cards.

*Alternate selections are also available (50 fans, 50 calendars, 100 bookmarks, 100 prayer cards)


Memorial Printing & Products

Discover our extensive selection of customizable options, ranging from funeral programs and prayer cards to bookmarks and thank you cards. Each product is crafted using high-quality materials to ensure a lasting and meaningful tribute.

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Are your programs designed to cater to your families’ specific needs? We provide booklet programs in various sizes allowing you to select the perfect size that best suits the needs of your clients.

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Registry Books

From specialized themes to tailored features, our registry books can be fully personalized, creating a truly memorable and fitting tribute for your client’s loved ones.


Memorial Fans

Our Traditional Stick Fans are perfect for funerals, church anniversaries and pastor appreciations. Our Stickless Wedge and Circle Fans offer a modern option that is sure to make an impression.



Discover our extensive range of accessories. From memorial buttons and candles to plaque cards/kits, prayer cards, calendars, magnets, and more, we offer a wide selection to suit your specific needs.


Blankets & Pillows

Our blankets and pillows are fully customizable to match your program designs. They can be ordered and shipped out same day with your program packages to give you savings on shipping costs!

Order Process

Experience a seamless and hassle-free ordering process with Remembrance Keepsakes. Our streamlined system makes it as easy so you can focus on the essential aspects of your funeral home. With our expertise and attention to detail, your clients can have peace of mind, knowing they will receive the highest quality products to honor their loved ones.


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The turn-around time was absolutely amazing, wonderful and outstanding.  We could not have asked for an easier process.  Our family was very appreciative of the care that was taken to make the programs so personalized and beautiful.

– F.V., North Carolina

We just had our first service in our new location, and our family was speechless, as no one in this area offers such beautiful and professional products.

– Florida

I’m telling everyone, ‘If you want to take your funeral home to the next level, you need to use Remembrance Keepsakes'.

– S.G., Alabama

The programs look amazing! Thank you to each one of you for the work you did…very well done! It’s so nice to be working with a company that is professional, does quality work, and does it in such a timely manner (completely different from what I’ve experienced in the past).

– R.A., California

Your beautiful programs and books have increased my business. People have come to us just because they loved the registry book that they saw at one of our funerals.

– R.J., Georgia

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For help with your order, more information about any of our products or services, or assistance with large-quantity discounts and programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.