Accessory Products

Accessory Products

We understand that every detail matters when it comes to creating a meaningful and personalized memorial service. Our selection of accessory items is designed to provide you with the necessary tools to create a thoughtful and cohesive memorial experience.

Accessory Product Options

We take pride in offering a wide range of accessories to complement and enhance your memorial tributes. From memorial buttons, candles, and plaque cards to prayer cards, calendars, magnets, and more, we have a diverse selection to cater to your specific needs.



Traditional Fans

Classic Church Fan Shape
Double sided, full color
Premium White Stick glued on back
Minimum quantity is 100
*Call for Price and Timelines for Quantities above 1000


Stickless Fans

Available in two shapes: Wedge or Circle
Double sided, full color
Heavy laminated
**Same day shipping is not available due to lamination cure time
Minimum quantity is 100
*Call for Price and Timelines for Quantities above 300


Memorial Buttons

Available in two sizes and five different backs
*3” button is only available with pin back
*Call for Quantities above 250


Oversize Prints

Full color, wide format prints
Enlarged professional photos
Prints are perfect for framing and Mounted Prints can be placed on an easel


Memorial Candles

Glass candle with insert printed and customized to match programs.


Plaque Cards/Kits

Printed size is 6” x 8”
Plaque Kit Includes printed card framed in your choice of wooden plaque
Plaque Card Includes printed card only

prayercard (1)

Prayer Cards

4” x 7”
Two-sided full color printed
Service information on front with poem of your choice on the back.
Standard format includes service information on front with poem of your choice on the back.


Memorial Calendars

Poster Sized Calendars
11” x 17”
Full Color, 1-sided
Minimum quantity is 100
*Call for Quantities above 1000



2” x 7” finished size
Full color, double sided Heavy Laminated available for additional cost
Please note the back of the bookmarks are only recommended to have a poem. Obituaries and order of services will be very small and unreadable.


Memorial Magnets

3.5” x 5”
Prayer Card Style Magnet
Full Color with magnet back
Service information can be included on front side


Calendar Magnets

3.5” x 10” Calendar Magnet
Customized to match your program background!


Acknowledgement Cards

3.25” x 5” Finished Size
Background to match programs
Supplied with envelopes
Standard inside pictured, acknowledgment message inside cards can be customized, just email us your desired wording.

Registry Books & Cap Panels


Registry Books

8.5" x 11" Hard-bound Book
Customized book with the background to match programs!
Customized content only available with program purchase
Book includes 248 signature lines, and additional pages available for an extra charge, just inform us of how many signature lines are needed.
Additional copies are great for additional family members that want a book.

Untitled design - 2023-06-01T115844.615

Cap Panels

Full Color, Wide Format Prints Mounted on
Foam Board
Standard Size*: 31.5” x 14.5”
*Please always provide a size for your cap panel as caskets vary in dimensions

Memorial Throws/Blankets and Pillows


Memorial Throws

3 Memorial Throw Styles to choose from (9-Panel Memorial Throw, Single Panel Memorial Throw, and Oversized Memorial Tapestry Throw).
All Memorial Throws have a fringed edge.
All styles include edge-to-edge printing.


Memorial Blankets

3 Memorial Blanket Styles to choose from (Sherpa Blanket, Plush Blanket, and Quilted Blanket)
All Blankets have no fringe around edge.
All styles include edge-to-edge printing.


Memorial Pillows

Choose from Linen Pillow, Plush Pillow, or Satin Pillow.
All pillows come pre-stuffed.


We understand that you may have a few questions, so please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more about our accessories.

We are located in Birmingham, Alabama, where we serve customers nationwide on a daily basis. We can ground ship to most locations in the US in 1 to 3 days. We offer overnight shipping everywhere in the United States. You can receive your order as early as 8:00 am in some areas

For Submissions:

Stapled Programs: received by 4:00 p.m. CST (the day before shipping)

Folded Programs: received by 10:00 a.m. CST (the same day of shipping)

Accessories: received by 1:00 p.m. CST (the same day of shipping)

For Approvals:

Stapled Programs: 12:00 p.m. CST

Folded Programs: 2:00 p.m. CST

Accessories: 3:00 p.m. CST

Please contact us for detailed information about order deadlines

We have a wide variety of products that we offer from paper-based keepsakes like Programs, Booklets, Prayer Cards, Fans, and Bookmarks, to timeless keepsakes like Blankets, Pillows, and Glass Plaques, and business essentials like Professional and Executive Business Cards, Carbonless Multi-part Contract Forms, and more!

Our package includes: 1 Registry Book, 150 Programs of your choice, and 50 Acknowledgement Cards (with up to a $30 shipping discount).

Yes, we provide custom fulfillment services and pack different quantities to be sent to many different locations.

One of our specialties is meeting deadlines that other printing companies cannot. We also have special shipping contracts and can often overnight ship for a lot less than you would normally pay. Please contact customer service for assistance with this type of order. Rush charges might apply

You can upload your files HERE

We accept files up to 1 Gig via our File Upload page. For files larger than this, please contact customer service for special file upload instructions

Why Trust Us?

We are dedicated to helping your company create special memories with our sophisticated products while providing you with the best customer service. We strive to make the process as comfortable and easy as possible.