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At Remembrance Keepsakes, we understand the challenges faced by funeral homes in providing personal, affordable, and elegant memorial products to the families they serve. That's why we are here to lend our expertise and support. We are committed to being a reliable partner you can trust, ensuring that you have the resources and solutions needed to create meaningful tributes for your clients during their difficult times.

Remembrance Keepsakes has been providing high-quality printing services since 2008, ensuring customers get the best quality finished product possible. With a commitment to quality, organized production, and customer satisfaction, we have become a leader in the funeral printing industry.

Printing Since 2008

Excellence Is Our Priority

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Excellence is priority in all aspects of our business; from the materials we use, to the care we take in customizing and handcrafting each memorial.

Our Other Brands

Rocky Heights Print & Binding

Established in 2006, Rocky Heights Print & Binding embarked on a mission to craft distinctive and inventive marketing and promotional products. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include a wide array of products and services, such as book-binding options, printing services, and our comprehensive author fulfillment program. Our expertise lies in short- to mid-run book production and customized hard-bound books, featuring meticulously designed covers and layouts. Rest assured, we prioritize your product's specifications and strive to surpass your expectations with the final result. Trust us to simplify the process because, at Rocky Heights Print & Binding, "We Make It Easy!"

Book Nook

Book Nook by Rocky Heights was created to allow authors using Rocky Heights' Self-Publishing services a way to sell their books. Books are sold both online and In-store at our print facility. Book Nook also offers author-focused specialty goods like Author Jewelry, Coffee Cups, Calendars and more!

Still Waters Apparel

Express your faith with Still Waters Apparel the fresh and fashionable faith-centered line of apparel, jewelry, and stationery & gifts. Our vision is to help you express your faith in a fashionable with unique, high quality, fresh fashions.
Great for individual expression, and also powerful in uplifting churches by adding their brand to our products. Theses products are an exciting way to revitalize faith and are perfect for fundraising.


Bindeybook is the perfect way for your children and/or students to create their own customized hard-bound book! Everything needed is contained in the Creative Book Kit. Children get to actually handcraft - no computers and digital perfectionism - by writing, drawing, coloring, and scribbling in their content book. They also get to design their own cover and bookmark! Once everything is completed mail back your content book in the prepaid packaging and our team will put each child's own handcrafted book in a hard cover - we can even make additional copies!

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For help with your order, more information about any of our products or services, or assistance with large-quantity discounts and programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.